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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Like an Armageddon flame

24 August 2009 20:08

Hi Prof Modelling,

After handing in my assignment this afternoon, I realised I made a silly mistake with the nominal GDP figure at the top of page 4. Specifically, I omitted three zeros when I typed out the value of GDP...

The fact that Prof Modelling decided to accept this email as part of my assignment doesn't change the fact that I did a fairly shoddy job of the whole assignment.

I never pretend to be perfect, and this is why.


bk drinkwater said...

I hate that sinking feeling you get when you hand something in only to realize you've made a trivial error. Pet theory: three orders of magnitude out is more common than two orders of magnitude out.

fibby said...

I'm inclined to agree with you there. In this case, the error arose from reading a number out of a column denominated in "$ millions". You never see anything denominated in "$ ten thousands" or "$ 100 millions" - only powers of multiples of three. I guess it's the way we're taught to read large numbers in primary school.

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