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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Out on the wing of this wobbly bird

If I was proud of my first LaTeX game with continuous choice nodes, I should be even happier with this one. It has a disagreement arrow at the third node - another feature not supported by the basic egame package.

Pathetic jokes about Q theory, devised and/or noticed by sleepless macro students just before the referee report was due:

  • Me: Q makes us QQ.
  • Y: Q sounds just like a French word meaning "ass", therefore the paper is a load of ass.
  • Cooper and Ejarque (2003): paper subtitled "Requiem in Q" (because Q is now a member of the diatonic scale).

Someone, I'm sure, must have said something about "minding their Q's", and someone else surely mentioned that their creativity is "stuck in a Q". If not, we were nowhere near sleepless enough.

One Thursday a few weeks ago, the main door into Railway Level 4 from the stairwell spontaneously locked itself. This door also happens to be the emergency egress for that floor. There's another stairwell, but it's card access only so I wouldn't bet on it becoming unlocked in case of an emergency. While the main door was locked, the lifts also seemed to seize up, and the entire Macro class waited for around 15 minutes before one came to take us from Level 3 to Level 4 for our lecture.

The stairwell door was still locked when the lift came, but it was open again when we left class two hours later, so it was probably locked for at least half an hour in total. I can only say that if there had been a fire on Level 4 during that time then the university would currently be in mourning, and probably facing legal damages in the millions. There are certain systems that just should not fail, for any reason, ever.

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