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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Gold star winners this month

I decree that the period Dec-Feb is a month for the purposes of this entry. gliderguider wins again, with four gold stars to lorne's two.

Am I the only one who finds this contest boring? The time-based part of it, coupled with whatever Bruce is doing with his reload button, makes it more or less completely pointless. Shall I give it up, or shall we switch to a more interesting (but possibly less widely attempted) skill-based challenge instead?

  • 28 Feb 08 - lorne - In The Flesh? by Pink Floyd
  • 27 Feb 08 - lorne - A.D.D. by System of a Down
  • 26 Feb 08 - gliderguider - Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
  • 19 Feb 08 - gliderguider - Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd
  • 04 Feb 08 - gliderguider - Boom! by System of a Down
  • 07 Dec 07 - gliderguider - A.D.D. by System of a Down


Eleanor said...

YES! No more friggin Queen.

BTW, I found a chilling article that suggests those Abuse Reports may not have been as fictional as we thought.


gliderguider said...

Hmm .. not quite sure what you're implying there, as my four winning replies were posted 42 min, 3.5+ hours, 2.5+ hours and 28 min after the blog posts, which suggests that I only occasionally "got lucky" with the normal blog-refresh cycle.

As a comparison, the two recent lorne winning replies were made 4 min and 6 min after their respective blog posts, making my refresh button finger look extremely slack.

It doesn't matter to me. I'll be reading (and commenting as I see fit) with or without the competition.

Gael said...

"friggin Queen"? Ooh, you're going to regret that. Not only do you insult one of the greatest rock bands of the 80s, you also make the unfounded assumption that a new form of gold star challenge would result in less Queen. Needless to say, you are mistaken.

The gold star challenge is hereby suspended until further notice. It might be back later in the month.

donald said...

Oh, it's over? Perils of reading blogs in random order :-)

I suggest starting a new version of the competition that relies on an intimate knowledge of the lyrics of songs that I actually know.

Gael said...

Yeah, I'll probably do that after I've finished punishing Eleanor for insulting Queen :-P

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